Doug Bauer


Congratulations!  You found me....I don’t tweet, facebook or instagram....this is it.

I am an Okie.....Boomer Sooner!  As a senior at OU, I took an acting class for non-majors and loved it.  Not having any clear direction in my life, I naturally headed to Los Angeles to be an actor of course.  My first acting gigs were on game shows - Sweethearts and The Dating Game.  I got a job working security at the Playboy is quite a place.  I earned my SAG card on Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula.  I also did several commercials in LA, including one for Hino Trucks and Japanese television with Diane Lane that was shot in front of Randy’s Donuts....a phone booth was was bizarre.  While in LA, I married a Tulsa girl that I met out there on a blind date.  The sizzle of LA faded a bit and we started missing our home base of we moved back.  I joined the family commercial business here in Tulsa and am still active in the business today.  The acting bug persisted and I continue to pile up credits here in the Southwest.  I have appeared in feature films starring Louis Gossett, Jr., Doug Jones and Wes Studi, all shot here in Oklahoma.  Along the way, I walked in to an art supply store so that I could try my hand at painting.....I had never done it before.  It was an electric experience for me and I continue to paint.  I have collectors throughout the United States in corporate and private collections and have exhibited at the Philbrook Museum of Art and galleries in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Santa Fe, New Mexico.